Thursday 8 December 2022

Fwd: 2023 CBS Reunion Advance Notice

From our founder Dennis Duggan:-

After discussions between Brian, Frank, John and myself we reached a difficult decision regarding the future of our annual reunions.
I have always resisted suggestions we open up our membership to post-1976 pupils, because after that date the school we knew ceased to exist.  It was no longer a boys' grammar school, it was a mixed comprehensive.  It was an excellent school, but not OUR school.
The downside was that inevitably Wyvernians would have a finite life.  Our membership is mainly elderly, many now with mobility and/or other health-related problems.  We are scattered throughout the UK and the wider world, and more and more of us are finding travel difficult.
New members are few and far between, and sadly our numbers diminish every year.  So we are now reaching the point where our traditional reunions at Clarence House will no longer be viable.

March 18th 2023 will mark the end of a twenty-four year tradition (with gaps for 2021 and 2022 courtesy of the Covid pandemic) and we want to go out with a bang rather than the inevitable whimper!

Official invitations will be sent in January, but in the meantime please make a note of the date.  Let's make it a reunion to remember.  To paraphrase Shakespeare, 'Gentlemen safe abed in England will think themselves accursed they were not there.'

On a positive note, the popular occasional mid-week lunches (in the Clarence House restaurant) will continue to take place on a regular basis.